Subliminal Expressions

Need of Expressions

Party Music and a our way to Express a good time This is the story.

This is the story. In 1990 I was a local DJ in New York called D.J. Maze and my closest and best friends were Freestyle of the late great group The Arsonist and my best friend Frank B. Together we were truly the best local party and show. I was representing for my boy freestyle at the time as he was coming up as an artist at that time. In 1992 I was in the billiard playing pool that's where I met her, at first I did not say anything but all my friends were trying to rap to her group of friends that she had that day. I was looking at her and she said what are you looking at and I said you.... she left that day. Later, I saw her on Valentine day and said to her I'm looking at you now what you going to do? So she came over and sat on my lap and told me her name is Maggie ....and I told her I'm DJ Maze. She told me that she can sing. That’s went we made the group called the Need of Expressions & 23 years later we are still making music. My oldest son is ((DJ Serious Lee)) now we are working on new music for the world to love we made 3 albums called ((the need of expressions)), ((pa mi gente)) & ((This is my game with no fame)). Now we are dropping a new album called Subliminal Expressions....

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